Richard Stan (born December 1, 1981) is a Romanian music video director who has created work with some of the most influential artists in Romania. He has written and directed music videos for national and international artists. 



Although he showed an interest in music since his early teens, when he used to write, sing and produce hip-hop, Richard founded on February 1, 2011 a label called VISION PRODUCTION. Richard has directed more than 60 music videos under the signature VISION PRODUCTION.


At the end of February 2016, Richard started his new own project as single director. He built a strong team composed of specialists in areas such as Light Design, Scenography, Styling and Video Production.

2017 started promising for director Richard Stan, who started his own production label, RS Media, and begun activating in TV commercial area and in 2019 he is award winner as the best music video director at the Golden Panther Awards in New York.

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